About Mid America Railcar Leasing

Mid America Railcar Leasing offers one of the largest available Amtrak-compatible private railroad car fleets, an unparalleled reputation for quality and technology captured in the timelessness of streamlined stainless Budd cars, and the experience to make your trip a success.

Mid America offers extraordinary cars at reasonable rates for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lease or charter. We can assist you with selecting the right car or cars for your event and needs and with making the necessary transportation arrangements to make the cars available when you need them, where you need them. From a single car to an entire train set, Mid America is your single destination for creating a unique private railroad car experience.

Mid America Railcar is a member of both the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) and the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance (RPCA).

Our clients return to us trip after trip, year after year. Imagine traveling anywhere Amtrak can travel and beyond in the privacy, security, and luxury of your own chartered private railroad car with as few or as many friends as you want.

You've just imagined a trip with Mid America Railcar Leasing.

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