The Royal Street was of one eight 5 double bedroom-buffet-lounge observation ordered in 1946 from Pullman-Standard.  Completed in February and March of 1950, four of the cars were placed in service on the Royal Palm.  Two of the cars, including the Royal Street, were owned by the Louisville and Nashville.

After over two decades of service on the L&N, the Royal Street was sold to its first private owner in 1970.  The present owner acquired the car in a state of extreme deterioration and spent many years and many hours lovingly restoring the car to its early glory.  The Royal Street is now an elegant car combining first-class sleeping space, a kitchen, and a luxurious raised parlor with individual and group seating.
Builder and Year Built Pullman, 1950
Railroad and Original Number Louisville and Nashville 3301
Current Configuration Sleeper/Lounge/Observation
Status Operational
Amtrak Compatible Yes
Daytime Capacity 26
Nighttime Capacity 10
Toilets 6
Shower Yes
Vestibule Yes
Generator 65KW Stadco
Multiple-unit –equipped (MU) No
ADA-accessible No
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